Aslak finds inspiration from everything from old American folk music to the latest tunes. But whether they are visiting Woody Guthrie or Angus and Julia Stone, they hold on to their analog and dynamic sound.

With the warmth of the acoustic guitar, the noise and the rebellion of the electric guitar, the deep sub-reggae tones from the bass, and with the playful rhythms from the drums, ASLAK has created their very own sound.

Aslaks songs are written by lead singer Jon and stems in all, from early childhood to life as a young man. He was born in Christianshavn in 1993, where he grew up with his mother. As 8 year old, he was accepted into the Royal Danish Ballet School. There he learned to stand on a stage, but the ballet life was not for him, and in the 8th grade he dropped out, grew long hair and started a punk band.

He wrote his first songs in English and devoted himself completely to music. Many years went by, bands and high school until Jon’s father dies one day in October 2012.
The electricguitar was replaced with an acoustic guitar and language was swapped to Danish.

In that period, many of Aslak songs were written, and Jon’s good friend and drummer Jacob listened in a lot. They expressed the common desire to start a band, and asked their friends Kristoffer and Frederick to join. A second later they found themselves in the rehearsal room. No one really knew where it would lead to, but they all felt that something was right.

After a year of intense work the recorded four tracks in in the studio January 2015. Now they publish their first single in cooperation with the Copenhagen label Free Kids Records. The single is called “Du” (you) and is a love letter to the girl who slipped Sunday morning. The song conveys a floating and intense longing for love and depth, while at the same time has a compelling rhythmic positivity.